Dear Chapel Family,

Four pastors have served Chapel in the Pines since 1947.  The remarkable men who have led us over the previous decades, and their commitment to Christ, is part of what has made Chapel such a special place.  With Pastor Dennis nearing retirement, the time has come to begin searching for the next pastor who will confidently lead our body into the coming years. 

The Pulpit Search Committee was formed in April and began its work at the end of May.  We, the members of the Search Committee, undertake this journey understanding the gravity of the task, and with expectation that God will lead the right person to Chapel in the Pines.  He has been faithful to our church in the past, and we believe He will be faithful at this crucial time as well.  We embark with a prayerful attitude and an openness to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We do not know from where our next pastor will come.  Remember, that Pastor Dennis came all the way from Germany!  Throughout the next year, therefore, we will be trusting deeply in His grace and mercy, that He would guide our eyes, ears and hearts.  Thank you for upholding us in prayer and for asking God to protect our church during this transition.

In addition to your prayers, we ask for your input.  The members of the search committee have created an online survey for regular attendees of the congregation.  What attributes, character qualities or spiritual giftings do you value in a pastor?  We desire to know your thoughts.  Your ideas will be invaluable as we seek to understand the heart of the church as a whole, but even as you share, please remember there will be various opinions.  Here is the link to the survey:  We will also be emailing this link to the congregation and putting it on the Chapel website (      

Thank you for all your input and support at this time!  We all love Chapel and we know that God has great things ahead for us.  God’s timing is not always our timing, but our tentative goal is to complete our search around June 2021 and then to begin the transition.  If you have any questions for the Search Committee, please contact Tom Higgins at  We will do our best to keep you posted as things progress.

God Bless,

The Search Committee Tom Higgins (Chair), Dennis Ortmann, Amber Hess, Gina Nye, Matt Dominick, Dan Hess, Angie Craig, Yolanda Durston, Shelah Ball