Pastor Dennis Ortmann

Pastor Dennis Ortmann

Senior Pastor

I was born (the second of eight children) and raised near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I guess I had the typical baby boomer upbringing – large family stuff, school, Little League, High School academics and sports. It was after my first year at college, at the age of 19, I had a very personal conversion experience. For the first time I really understood who Jesus is and my deep need of His saving grace. I immediately plugged into various college ministries and learned the ABCs of “what it means to walk with Jesus”.

After graduating college, I “migrated” west to Anaheim, Ca. where after three years of study, I completed a degree in Theological Studies. On graduation day, I met a Pastor from Berlin, Germany who invited to me to join together with his ministry in Berlin. I was up for the adventure. The time commitment to Berlin was set to be one year, but that one year kept extending itself into a grand total of 22 ½ years. 

I lived in Berlin 12 years surrounded by the infamous Berlin Wall and had the joyous experience to watch the Wall “fall” from a front row seat.  It is impossible to detail the many varied blessed memories (both personal and ministerial) I carry from that season of my life. Beyond ministry, it was in Berlin that I met and eventually married my wife, Ali – a native Berliner. We welcomed together 16 months later the birth of our son, Jeremy.

In the Fall of 1999, we received an introductory phone call from Chapel in the Pines in Twain Harte, Ca. After open dialogue, prayer, a personal visit, and a membership vote, we received a call to assume the pastorate at Chapel. After navigating the necessary immigration channels, we moved to Twain Harte in May 2000 and became acquainted with the Chapel Family. Also shortly after our arrival, Ali gave birth to our second child, a daughter Joelle.

Now the days, weeks, months have elapsed into years as our roots grow deeper. We are blessed to be part of the Chapel family, who have supported and encouraged us throughout the years. As long as the Lord has us here, it is my constant hope to be blessed to be a blessing.