Church Re-Opening Protcocol

Church Covid Protocol

Dear Chapel Family,

We have exciting news! We are planning to start having Sunday Morning Worship Service on Sunday May 31, 2020. Things will be vastly modified. Things won’t be exactly as they used to be but we will be able to gather and worship the Lord together. We have all anticipated this day and rejoice that it has come.

What can you expect? There will be many questions and we will try to answer them the best we can. Service will begin as usual at 10:00AM, on May 31st.  We will be having a family friendly service. Our intention is to meet the needs of the entire Chapel Family. The nursery will be available for parents that need to use it but it will not be staffed. You are welcome to take your small children down to the nursery and remain with them if they are unable to stay in the service. Children’s classes will not be offered. We are planning a service in the Main Sanctuary that will be geared to minister both to children and adults. The length of the service will be about one hour.

We are working to make things as safe as possible. If you are uncomfortable about attending we certainly understand. There is information to be able to connect with the live service attached so you can feel as much a part of what is going on as possible. We will look forward to you rejoining us when you feel safe.

How is church going to look going forward?  This process is as new to us as it is to you and we are trusting God to help us navigate our path into the future. Let us all try to exercise patience with the process and with each other as the time unfolds. One thing we are sure of, God is still in control and that He loves us and will guide us as we seek Him. Let’s keep one another in prayer, trusting God’s blessing upon us. . Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we plan to open up Chapel.

Please carefully read the guidelines we are attempting to implement.


Chapel is committed to providing safe and sanitized spaces at our facility:

  1. We are dedicated to offering a clean and safe environment with regular cleaning and sanitation practices. We are using the best products to sanitize all public areas with top grade disinfectants
  2. Masks will be made available from an usher if you would like to have one. We will not be requiring masks to be worn.
  3. All social distancing guidelines will be followed with regards to movement and seating in the Main Sanctuary,

What we are asking of you:

  1. If you or someone in your family is not feeling well or has recently run a fever, please stay home. Please use your own good judgement regarding personal attendance.
  2. Wash your hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available, please use some as you enter.
  3. All Chapel staff and volunteers are being asked to refrain from physical contact with people. Please understand that for the time being we need to avoid hugging or hand shaking. Let us welcome each other with warm verbal greetings upon arrival.
  4. If you are personally comfortable with hugging or hand shaking, please respect the concern of those who are not as comfortable.
  5. No food or drinks will be served in the foyer before or after the service. We also request that you make a special effort not to congregate in the foyer.
  6. Our morning offering will not be received in the usual manner. Offering boxes will be placed on the Communion table next to the prayer room, at the rear of the Sanctuary, and in the foyer. Please deposit your offering in one of these boxes. You can also make contributions on line or by using the Give+ app on your phone.
  7. Our ushers will be helping to dismiss you at the close of the service. Please allow them to direct you as we will be releasing from the rear of the Sanctuary forward so as to allow for social distancing. We ask that any fellowshipping take place outdoors.

If you and your family plan to stay home, here are ways you can stay connected:

  1. You can receive updates and stay connected through our website at or on Facebook at Chapel in the Pines Twain Harte.
  2. You can watch services on YouTube. Our channel is Chapel in the Pines Twain Harte. You can also access the service through our website.

We are aware that there are many concerns and much uncertainty at this time. In regards to safety concerns, let each of us be responsible and respectful how we conduct ourselves in public. Let us try to outdo ourselves in respect and honor of one another. As believers in Christ we are committed to follow His Word in Romans 12:10, “Be devoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family.”