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Dare To Be Different Part II

by Russ Peters

Dare To Be Different Part II As time went on, Nebuchadnezzar began to forget his awe at Daniel’s God, and instead dwelt on the fact that he was that “head of Gold,” representing the greatest gentile kingdom portrayed in his dream which Daniel had interpreted. Chapter three of Daniel describes how his heart was lifted […]

Dare To Be Different Part I

by Russ Peters

Tuesday, July 4, 2017, was the 241st birthday of the United States of America, a country founded on Christian principles. In the early days the USA was considered to be a Christian nation, whose citizens conducted themselves in such a manner that the nation has been greatly blessed by God. Though the USA has only […]


by Russ Peters

WATER Hundreds of thousands of United States citizens in West Virginia have been dramatically reminded of the importance of water in their lives by the recent contamination of their water supply. Heroic measures had to be taken to keep them alive, which occupied the headlines for two weeks or so. For years we have been […]