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Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part X

by Russ Peters

The Empty Nest Since the previous chapter brought mention of Steve’s marriage, this is a good place to note the marriages of the other kids: Susan finished one year at Westmont before she met and married Les Torok, Jr. David finished Modesto Junior College and was in the middle of his three years at Biola […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part IX

by Russ Peters

Foster Children The Chapel has always been a very missionary-minded church, and when the missionaries we supported were on furlough they would come to the Chapel and share with us about their ministry. At the time Stephen was about to enter his Junior year in high-school, the Olson family, missionaries to Nigeria with the Sudan […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part VI

by Russ Peters

Army Days February,1943, was the auspicious month of Alva’s husband becoming a private in the United States Army. After induction at Fort MacArthur in Long Beach, California, I was assigned to the Signal Corps and sent to Sacramento for  basic training. The facility was a bunch of  abandoned tar paper covered barracks that had temporarily […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher

by Russ Peters

ALVA Perennial junior-higher (Narrated by Russell Peters, her husband for seventy years) A Unique Daughter It was on April 18, 1925, that Alva Joan Sawyer was born in a Glendale, California, hospital. Before she drew a breath, she was destined to uniqueness by her name. During her pregnancy, her mother, Edna, was searching for names, […]