The Human Body

by Russ Peters

The Centerpiece of Easter I hesitate to use the word Easter, and do so only because in the English-speaking world it is by far the word most used when speaking of the resurrection of Jesus’ body and the celebration thereof. Hereafter, I will use “Jesus’ Resurrection” for the event and “Resurrection Day” for the annual […]

A Sheltered Childhood

by Russ Peters

My parents married just after World War I ended in 1918, and I was born on April 25, 1920, so my childhood was neatly tucked between World War I and World War II. Thus I had no worries about either war. Though the great drought/depression of the early 1930’s came during my childhood, my Daddy […]

Is Unity a Good Thing?

by Russ Peters

But of course! Why wouldn’t it be? What a stupid question! Well, unity has a number of meanings, so we better get more specific. Since I posted the question, I guess it is up to me to pick the dictionary meaning to be used. In my dictionary it is meaning number five: complete accord among […]

Lament of a Mini-goat

by Russ Peters

Lament of a Mini-goat Maxi-Grandpa Peters It all began with a horse named Happy, Whose disposition was actually very scrappy. A thoroughbred, retired from racing, A handsome horse but always pacing. Annie thought she knew his need, And suggested they buy another steed. Her folks declined and said that such Would end up eating way […]

Mundane Ministries

by Russ Peters

The dictionary defines the word “mundane,” an adjective, thus: (1) of or pertaining to the world, and (2) noting or pertaining to the everyday concerns of this world rather than to spiritual matters. During my sixty-one years as a pastor, or Minister of the Gospel, the bulk of my ministering may have been in spiritual […]

Eli’s Fatal Flaw

by Russ Peters

Once upon a time there was an important man named Eli (actually it was about 3170 years ago, at which time he was ninety-eight years old, and blind). Eli had a lot going for him : His name, Eli, means “God is High”; He was a descendant of Israel’s original High Priest, Aaron, through Aaron’s […]

Hard To Kill

by Russ Peters

I was the first of two sons born to Clarence H. Peters and Marjorie M. Peters. They were both from families that were characterized by longevity. My mother passed away at the age of ninety, at which time my father was ninety-five. My father sold their house, and moved into a care-home at which he […]

The Great Escape

by Gloria Glazier

Who doesn’t long to escape at times? Especially to escape hard things? Is it hard to deny the flesh and obey the Lord? Yes, but be encouraged. No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful: he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But […]

Two Mandates

by Russ Peters

On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the voters of the United States of America, in electing Donald Trump as our next President, mandated a drastic change in our direction. I believe that this was the mercy of God, giving an undeserving nation one more chance to turn back to Him. For this to happen, I believe […]

The Need For Revival

by Russ Peters

That paper was largely given over to describing good things that are happening in the Christianity of developing (sometimes called third-world) countries. A description of the bad things happening in the Christianity of developed countries was limited to the following paragraph: “As to Christianity in developed nations, it is healthy and fruitful only here and […]