Bill rode home from Bible study on his Honda 1100 Shadow in freedom and glory.  It was a dark, peaceful night on Highway 280.  Then, about five miles from his turnoff in Burlingame the engine sputtered and stopped.  Not a problem, he thought, and he reached down to the fuel petcock to switch it from normal to reserve to use the remaining ounces of gas in the tank to get him home. 

But the fuel petcock was already on reserve.  He had forgotten to switch it back to normal the last time he was low on gas.  There was no more gas in the tank.  So, he switched to normal, hoping there would be some fuel in the tube above the petcock.  The engine roared back to life and he rode the next five miles to the Highway 92 turnoff and up to the top of 92 before the engine stalled.  He coasted down the grade to the first service station and rolled effortlessly to the pump, happy and relieved.  Life is grand.

One day about three months later the same thing happened again.  A few blocks after leaving his condo the motorcycle ran out of gas.  He reached down to turn the petcock to reserve and again found that it was already on reserve.  “I was not a very smart guy,” Bill explained.  This time he knew there was no problem, and he switched the petcock back to normal to use the five miles of gas that would be left in the tube above the petcock.  But the engine just sputtered and then stopped again.  There is no five miles of gas in the tube above the petcock, normally.

Bill’s mind flashed back to the ride home from Bible study that night on Highway 280.  In retrospect, it appeared that it was not just really good luck but a miracle.  Bill says it was like the Lord said, “I’ll get you off of 280 in the dark, but you can walk to the gas station from your condo.”