Mike (not his real name) emerged from a rough childhood with a smoldering anger in his heart. As a young married man he worked for a beer distributor, which offered free beer to employees. He and some other employees drank and smoked pot together after hours. The combination of these factors took a toll on Mike’s marriage and family.

After a few years of this, Mike’s wife became a Christian. She and her whole Bible study began praying for Mike that he would also become a Christian. Mike would have none of it – at first – but when he did give his life to the Lord, things rapidly began to change for the better.

A few weeks into his Christian life, through a remarkable series of events Mike got a new job delivering for a bread distributor. Now, instead of free beer, Mike received free expired bakery products, which he brought home for his family.

It happened that during his first week of delivering bread, Mike found himself driving his bread truck in a blizzard on a two-lane mountain highway. With barely any traction under his wheels he could see only 100 feet ahead. Suddenly he came upon a car stopped in the lane ahead of him. Mike had only two choices and only an instant to decide: hit the brakes or veer right. If he touched the brakes, the wheels would lock up and he would go into an uncontrolled slide. “I would have drilled him,” Mike said. He turned the wheel to the right. He managed to steer to the right side of a telephone pole off the shoulder, but there was a guy wire immediately to the right of the pole. In an instant, he was through the gap between pole and guy wire and back on the highway.

The problem with this story is that the triangle formed by a telephone pole and a guy wire is generally too small for a truck to drive through. I asked Mike about the space between that pole and that guy wire and he said, “There’s no way a bread truck would fit.” I asked him if he ever went back and checked the size of that space and he said “Oh yeah – the next day, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day. Every time I went by there for another year. There’s no way my truck would fit through there. No way.” Mike says the only explanation he can think of for his truck fitting through that space is the help of an angel.

Mike says that he has seen many other miracles also in the following years, but, he says, by far the greatest miracle in his life was that the Lord used the tragedies and pain of his younger years to draw him to the Savior.