When Gordon plays guitar onstage he looks confident and at home in his skin, but it was not always so.

Gordon’s love of music dates back to early childhood.  When he and his family watched Ozzie and Harriet on TV, at the end of the show when Ricky Nelson played his guitar and sang a song Gordon got out his toy guitar and strummed along.  Before long he learned to play the guitar and then began writing songs for his family and his girlfriend.  Whenever he played for them, though, he recalls that they would always say, ‘That was nice,’ but inside he would feel that something was missing.  Later, he went on to play professionally with bands at clubs and other gigs, but still during each performance he had an uneasy feeling that his music was only at a 10% level.  Something in his heart told him that his potential was not being fulfilled.

For many years, Gordon had a recurring dream that he could fly.  Not just a little bit; he could fly over the top of Mount Everest.  And then, in each dream, he would come to someone to show them how he could fly, but when he showed them, he could only fly about a foot off the ground.  Time and time again he could only barely get off the ground, and they would always say to him, “That’s not really flying.”  The dream didn’t make any sense to Gordon, but it recurred year after year.

In his thirties, Gordon unexpectedly came to believe in Jesus and made Him his Lord.  Things began to change in Gordon’s life that day.  Over the next few years he received gifts of contentment and joy, even in times of adversity.

Also during that time, Gordon changed his profession and his venue for playing music.  He started a small business during the day and played guitar on Sundays in a worship band at church.  While onstage and playing worship music, he finally felt a sense of fulfillment and peace and the music flowed effortlessly.  He was at one with both the worship experience and the performance of the music.  Now he felt that his guitar music was at 100%.

After the first few months of playing with the worship band, Gordon told the other members of the band that his music always used to leave him feeling unfulfilled, but now, he said, “I’m flying free.”  As the words left Gordon’s mouth, he remembered the strange recurring dreams of flying.  Suddenly, he saw in the dreams a curious prophetic meaning, which now was fulfilled.

The dream has never recurred.