Nancy prefaced her story by telling me that she is a very careful driver, and does very well in snow. After one particular snowstorm, however, while backing down her driveway, her car began to slip sideways. Nancy had mastered the technique of correcting her steering in this situation, however on this particular day, the car slid further to the downhill side. Nancy put the car in drive to pull forward and straighten the car out, but it slid further downhill, nearing the steep bank above her neighbor’s yard. She turned the wheels hard and put the car into reverse. Worse still. Nancy began praying out loud as she shifted back into drive. The neighbors’ yard seemed to be sucking her car down. Finally, as the car slid dangerously close to the bank, Nancy shouted at the top of her lungs, “Jesus, I need your help and I need it right now!”

At this point in the story, Nancy looked intently at me with eyes wide open and snapped her fingers. “And just like that, I was parked!” she said. She snapped her fingers again for emphasis. “I have no idea how my car got there, but all of a sudden I was right on my driveway exactly where I was supposed to be. It was over 50 feet away. I have no idea how I got there.”

Nancy explained that the car immediately had perfect traction and drove directly to her parking area without slipping at all.

When I asked Nancy how the experience made her feel, she said, “It made me wonder why I didn’t give the situation to God and ask for His help in the first place!”