Shortly before Terry began working at the sawmill he became believer a in Jesus Christ. In those days he was amazed and surprised at the experience of God stepping into his life and changing him. It was the greatest gift he had ever received, and in his joy and child-like innocence he shared the good news with the men he was working with at the mill. But, to his surprise, they were not at all excited about his good news, and they were not eager to sign on to the experiment of living for Christ that he proposed. Instead, they mocked him and began calling him “The Preacher.” Some of the men felt compelled to harass him.

One day in the lunch room the mocking rose to the point of a challenge. A man accused Terry of sleeping with his own sister. Terry flushed with anger. He was a large man and was able to defend himself with his fists. But now he was a Christian. Something didn’t seem right about fighting this man. Angry and confused, Terry hung his head and prayed, “Lord what do you want me to do? Do you want me to be a wimp?”

As he prayed, the whole lunch room suddenly lurched and began to shake violently like a monster earthquake had struck. The floor rocked violently, the walls shook back and forth and the door burst off its hinges and slammed onto the floor. Just outside the lunchroom a log in the ring debarker had broken and one end was flailing around slamming into everything within reach. All the men except Terry struggled to get to their feet and stumbled across the heaving floor, fleeing out the door. One of the men yelled “That’s God! I’m getting out of here!” But Terry stayed in the lunchroom hanging onto the bench like a bucking bronco and laughing at the unusual answer to his prayer.

Nobody ever called him the Preacher after that day.