Lament of a Mini-goat
Maxi-Grandpa Peters

It all began with a horse named Happy,
Whose disposition was actually very scrappy.
A thoroughbred, retired from racing,
A handsome horse but always pacing.
Annie thought she knew his need,
And suggested they buy another steed.
Her folks declined and said that such
Would end up eating way too much.

What to do, the family wondered?
Till on a plan they finally blundered.
Since horses and goats get along well,
Let’s find some owners who will sell.
They soon got back with two mini-goats,
With different names and different coats,
Parker, black and white, Mary Jane a loss-
But don’t feel sorry for her, she was the BOSS!

Happy was better, at least not the same,
Though he never, ever lived up to his name.
The goats did their duty, helped Happy a lot,
And had time to climb every rock on the plot.
But Parker wasn’t equipped to give Mary Jane a kid,
Maybe that’s why her health went into a skid.
She died and went off to that heavenly place,
Leaving Parker very alone, needing God’s grace.

A mare friend of Happy’s came and went,
And then a cute mini-horse was sent.
Happy, mini-horse and Parker, animals three,
Now comprised the Torok menagerie.
After the passage of considerable time,
The work and expense made no reason or rhyme.
So Happy and mini-horse were shipped off to their fate,
And poor, lonesome Parker left inside the gate.

He and I are a lot alike, long lives since we left our mothers,
And both left behind by our significant-others.
We both move slowly and love our rest,
But isn’t that what all senior citizens do best?
But Parker is a goat and I am a sheep
And I have a Shepherd when my ways are steep.
His blessings on my life just can not be told,
While I wait on earth till His face I behold.

Thank you, Jesus.
But what about Parker?