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Lament of a Mini-goat

by Russ Peters

Lament of a Mini-goat Maxi-Grandpa Peters It all began with a horse named Happy, Whose disposition was actually very scrappy. A thoroughbred, retired from racing, A handsome horse but always pacing. Annie thought she knew his need, And suggested they buy another steed. Her folks declined and said that such Would end up eating way […]

Mundane Ministries

by Russ Peters

The dictionary defines the word “mundane,” an adjective, thus: (1) of or pertaining to the world, and (2) noting or pertaining to the everyday concerns of this world rather than to spiritual matters. During my sixty-one years as a pastor, or Minister of the Gospel, the bulk of my ministering may have been in spiritual […]

Eli’s Fatal Flaw

by Russ Peters

Once upon a time there was an important man named Eli (actually it was about 3170 years ago, at which time he was ninety-eight years old, and blind). Eli had a lot going for him : His name, Eli, means “God is High”; He was a descendant of Israel’s original High Priest, Aaron, through Aaron’s […]