On Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the voters of the United States of America, in electing Donald Trump as our next President, mandated a drastic change in our direction.

I believe that this was the mercy of God, giving an undeserving nation one more chance to turn back to Him.

For this to happen, I believe that a second mandate has been laid on the True Church, for immediate action, by God Himself! (“True” Church, because so much of the professing church today is apostate, and rapidly getting worse).

I believe, true-church-brethren, that the second mandate for us is to mount an immediate, massive, fervent PRAYER EVENT that will last until God has firmly established the new administration on His pathway.

President-elect Trump has made a good start in several ways:

  • In victory he has humbled himself in demeanor and rhetoric (PRAY that this will continue and improve);
  • He has quietly reached out to former adversaries and all Americans to help him strive for unity (PRAY that this will continue and improve);
  • He has appointed Vice-president-elect Gov. Mike Pence (a dedicated Christian) to head up the transition team (PRAY for him to have wisdom and guidance from God in carrying out this great responsibility and that he will be used to give a strong spiritual dimension to the new administration).

This is a good start. Now for some extremely important specifics:

  • Pray for the safety of all the principals in the new administration, particularly Donald Trump himself. There are hordes of enraged fanatics who might try to assassinate him;
  • Pray that every cabinet member and other presidential appointee will be the right person for the job in God’s sight;
  • Pray that his personal advisor and other presidential staff selected will be extremely capable and able to help him make the correct decisions;
  • Pray that the President-elect may absorb, understand and remember all the classified information he is being briefed on;
  • Pray that he will be able to truly leave his huge business empire to the charge of his family, and be able to shift his mind-set to the national and international affairs of our country;
  • Pray that he can establish a good rapport with the leaders and members of both houses of congress, including many democrats, even before his inauguration.

Our soon-to-be-President has listed a number of things he expects to do in those “first-hundred-days” after he is sworn in, about which we should pray. Here are a few that seem important to me:

  • Pray that as the President he will recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of only one country, Israel;
  • Pray that he will set in motion the moving of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem;
  • Pray that he will undo the harmful executive orders of ex-president Obama, particularly those concerning national security and our immigration policy;
  • Pray that he will make executive orders to maximize security until the whole immigration policy can be changed by congress;
  • Pray as he chooses a new Supreme Court justice.

We need to have a new list before the end of the first hundred days to continue our prayer vigil on through the new administration.