The following article was not intended for anyone but me. Something unusual happened to me, I just wrote down the event and some thoughts it provoked, with my usual dry humor poking through a bit. Through a comedy of errors it got leaked out to a few of the Chapel family, so I decided I better put it on the Chapel’s home page on the network so interested people can know what went on.

It is July 2, 2015, as I write this. Two days ago I went to my doctor for a checkup. I had been having some unusual symptoms (for me) for about a month. I had tried self treatment, but to no avail.

After examining me and questioning me he decided I had a very mild case of shingles, irritable bowel syndrome and high blood pressure. What could have caused it? His suspicion was that I had been under some stress that was sufficient to cause these physical symptoms. I couldn’t think of any sudden stress more than usual.

I have been aghast at the moral collapse of our country and the gross apostasy of the Church in the west, but these unfortunate events are prophesied in the Bible as signs that Jesus’ return for His bride is drawing near, and that is my blessed hope. I am continually shouting Maranatha! Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

I have been taking my blood pressure and it has gone up since my visit to the doctor. I am thinking that it is not stress, but Jesus is letting my old age catch up with me so I can join Him in heaven even before the rapture. After all, at 95 I am 25 years past the Biblical norm, and 15 years past the “age of strength.”

My daddy used to say, “We Peters are hard to kill,” and I’m afraid that is true of me. So please, dear Jesus, make a quick work of that difficult job! And if He does, adieu.

Four weeks later:

It is July 31, 2015, I have visited my doctor twice more. He prescribed a low level blood thinner on the first visit, and two weeks later he said my blood pressure was OK. The shingle symptoms and irritable bowel syndrome seem to have all but disappeared. Nevertheless, I have felt a bit light -eaded, and have been careful to avoid sudden motions of any kind.

This morning I woke up very light-headed, and when it failed to respond to cold water on my eyes and face, I decided to go back to bed before I fell down, and see what happened. I went to sleep, and woke up an hour and a half later. I felt enough better to get up and eat breakfast, but still felt more light-headed than usual.

I have mingled my usual Bible reading, praying and watching the news with singing “Oh, come, angel band, come and around me stand. Carry me away on your snowy wings to my eternal home.” So far they haven’t showed up, but the day is only half over. I’ll keep singing! If they don’t make it today, I’ll check with you later. If they do, adieu again!

Almost four weeks later still:

It is August 26, 2015. I made one more trip to the doctor, which I think is the last one for this episode. I had begun to suspect that my previously mentioned light headedness might be the result of the continuing degeneration of my hearing with age. So on this last visit I asked the doctor to check my carotid arteries to see if my brain was getting enough blood. I came out A-OK on this, which verified to me that the light headedness/balance problem was indeed related to my hearing loss. Everything else was OK.

I am now on a regimen of more exercise, eating less, drinking lots of water and resisting the devil more, and am doing very well. I am afraid I won’t get to say adieu just yet. Bummer!