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Sober Occasion

by Russ Peters

Sober Occasion-Alva and I had taken Ralph Olson into our home as a foster son so his parents could return to Nigeria, Africa, where they were missionaries under Sudan Interior Mission. He would stay with us for his last two years of high school (not available in Africa) and four years of college. He and […]

Pastors And Their Problems II

by Russ Peters

This essay depends upon your having read Pastors and their problems I and Ia, which gave an introduction and then addressed the first major category of problems, Pride. The second major category was Women, the subject of this installment. Some immediate qualifications are needed: The pastor’s conference mentioned in installment I was at a time […]

Oops! Pastors And Their Problems Ia

by Russ Peters

After submitting the first installment of this series the little conscience imp on my right shoulder said, “How come your only example of a pastor’s pride problem was the pastor of the other church?” I saw his point and on the spot repented, and herewith repent to you as you read this addendum. I, like […]