Book Review VII
Heaven Is For Real
Pastor Russ Peters

We have discussed four “focused” scenes: experiences in the hospital as presented in the prologue; Colton’s interaction with Pop; Colton’s second sister; Colton identifying Akiane’s portrait as being Jesus.

Now for some “miscellaneous experiences,” in no particular order:

In his experiences with Pop Colton mentioned that Pop had big wings, but he had little wings, but I deferred any discussion. The only mention of wings belonging to intelligent creatures in the Bible are to those of cherubim, seraphim and the Sun of Righteousness, so we have no Biblical basis for discussion on this topic.

Chapter twenty five, Swords of the Angels, page 131. After watching the epic battle in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Sonja suggested that one thing Colton didn’t like about heaven was that there were no swords there. She was indignantly told that there were. He had asked for one, but Jesus thought he would be too dangerous, and didn’t give him one. Sonja asked why they would need swords in heaven, and was told by Colton that angels carried swords because Satan was not in hell yet. When asked, he soberly admitted that he had seen Satan, but refused to talk about him. Revelation 12:7-9 describes a battle in heaven between Michel and his (holy) angels and Satan and his (fallen) angels in which Satan lost. Hmmmmm.

On page 41 Colton was with Todd at their church where a memorial service was about to begin. Colton asked about the casket, and Todd told him the dead man was in it. Colton was instantly concerned and demanded to know if the man had Jesus in his heart. Todd could not be sure, as he hadn’t known the man that well. Colton was torn by worry, “He had to have Jesus in his heart! He had to know Jesus or he can’t get into heaven!” He was so upset that Sonja had to take him home lest the service be completely disrupted. How interesting that a four year old who had visited Jesus in heaven would have such conviction, while myriads of adults who ought to know better say that there is some other way to heaven! Many of them calling themselves Evangelical Christians.
In chapter eighteen, The Throne Room Of God, page 98, Colton reveals that he had seen God’s throne room a bunch of times, and divulged that:

  • The throne of God (Jesus’ Dad) is big, really, really big, because God is the biggest one there is;
  • And He really, really loves us, Dad. You can’t belieeeeeve how much He loves us;
  • Jesus’ chair is next to His Dad’s, on God’s right side;
  • The angel, Gabriel, is on God’s left side, and is really nice;
  • “They brought in a littler chair for me,” Colton said, “I sat by God the Holy Spirit. Did you know that God is three persons, Dad?
  • Colton met Pop while sitting next to the Holy Spirit. Todd knew Colton had stayed with Pop, and wondered what the two of them did when it got dark and they went to Pop’s house. Colton protested that it did not get dark in heaven, that God and Jesus light up heaven.

All this from a four year old boy! After this Todd fully believed that Colton had indeed been to heaven. I believed it long before Todd did.
In subsequent chapters gems came from Colton, whether about his visit to heaven or an earthly experience following:

  • He constantly came up with comments about how much Jesus loved the children;
  • One day, thinking about the beautiful colors in heaven, he prayed for God to show him the beautiful colors he was missing. The next morning the most glorious rainbow any of them had ever seen appeared, though no rain had fallen;
  • Calling on a dying saint, Todd took Colton with him. After the usual pastoral ministry, as they started to leave, Colton turned back, took the dying man’s hand, and said “It’s going to be okay-the first person you’re going to see is Jesus!
  • Colton told his Dad that Jesus had shown him how He “shot down power” through the Holy Spirit when his Dad was preaching;
  • Colton also saw a preview of a big war that was coming which Jesus would win.

I don’t know about you, but I repeat what I said at the beginning-this book moved me more than any other book except the Bible, and has greatly reinforced my faith and my love for our wonderful God who “is three persons.”