Book Review VI
Heaven Is For Real
Pastor Russ Peters

Chapter 27, Someday We’ll See, Page 127-in this chapter we meet Akiane Kramarik, a twelve year old Lithuanian-American girl who lived in Idaho. Her story had been featured on a CNN report in December of 2006, at which time Colton was seven years old. The report gave the following facts:

  • Akiane’s mother was an atheist, God was not discussed, the family didn’t watch television ;
  • In spite of zero exposure to things spiritual, at the age of four Akiane began to describe her visits to heaven to her mother;
  • At the age of six she began to portray what she was seeing in heaven with drawings, and then with paintings. Self taught, her paintings were of such quality and depicted a place so beautiful, that her mother had to admit that Akiane’s experiences had to be real and so God must be real;
  • When she was eight, Akiane painted a portrait of Jesus, and said of Him, “He is pure, He’s very masculine, really strong and big. And His eyes are just beautiful!”
  • Todd was so impressed with the similarities between Akiane’s and Colton’s experiences in heaven, and particularly their description of Jesus’ eyes;
  • Colton had been shown a large number of artists portrayals of Jesus, and none of them looked right to him;
  • Todd brought Akiane’s portrait of Jesus up on his computer screen, and called Colton to see what he thought of it. Colton examined the painting intently and at length, not hearing Todd’s dinging for an answer. He finally turned to Todd and said, “Dad, that one’s right.” He didn’t know that this one was painted by an eight year old girl who had been to heaven also.

What a testimony! Not an incredible one, but a credible one. Akiane visited heaven starting at four, seeing Jesus. Colton visited heaven at four, seeing and interacting with Jesus. A six year old Akiane started to draw and then paint scenes of heaven with a God given talent. By eight she had finished a portrait of Jesus that satisfied her as being a true likeness. When Colton saw it, knowing nothing about it, he studied it carefully and pronounced that this one was right.

There are thousands of portraits of Jesus which have come from the imagination of the artist. Perhaps there are a number resulting from a “vision” that the artist had. But here is a portrait of Jesus by a young girl who saw Him in heaven, was given a supernatural gift with which to paint His portrait and did so. Her work was carefully scrutinized by a young boy who also saw Jesus in heaven, and who verified that the portrait faithfully depicted Jesus.

How marvelous! I am convinced that Akiane’s portrait is what Jesus indeed looks like. I hope to get a large professional copy to put in my man-cave as a constant inspiration to me in this ever darker world.