Book Review V
Heaven Is For Real
Pastor Russ Peters 

Chapter seventeen, “Two Sisters,” beginning on page 94. Todd was at the kitchen table, preparing a sermon, and could see Colton’s mom, Sonja, sitting on the couch in the living room, working on the books of their garage door business.

Todd heard Colton walking up the hall towards his mom, and saw him stop in front of her to make an announcement. “Mommy, I have two sisters.” Sonja, concentrating on her bookwork, didn’t take notice. Colton tried again, “Mommy, I have two sisters.” Sonja heard the second effort, No, you have your sister, Cassie, and …do you mean your cousin, Traci? “No, I have two sisters. You had a baby die in your tummy, didn’t you?”

Who told you I had a baby die in my tummy? “She did, Mommy. She said she died in your tummy,” after which he turned to go about his playing. Sonja abruptly ordered him back. “It’s okay, Mommy. She’s okay. God adopted her.” Don’t you mean Jesus adopted her? “No, Mommy. His Dad did!” Shook, and not knowing what to say, Sonja asked what his second sister looked like. “She looked a lot like Cassie, she is just a little bit smaller, and she has dark hair….. In heaven, this little girl ran up to me, and she wouldn’t stop hugging me.” Sonja explained that she was probably just happy that someone from her family had come, and that when girls are happy they hug.

Sonja continued the conversation by asking Colton what the little girl’s name was. “She doesn’t have a name. You guys didn’t name her.” Sonja explained that he was right, they hadn’t selected a girls name because they couldn’t agree on one. “Yeah, she said she just can’t wait for you and Daddy to get to heaven (to name her).”

Glory! What a treasure of information. It may have been a ho-hum experience to Colton, even slightly negative, having to be hugged over and over by a girl-but what an electrifying revelation to Todd, Sonja and us! Colton knew nothing about Sonja’s miscarriage only two months along, but heard about it in heaven from the girl who had experienced “dying in her mother’s tummy.” Let’s see what flows from this:

  • Although the baby girl was only two/ninths developed bodily, the soul and (human) spirit were already there;

  • What a verification that life begins at conception! Though we knew it all the time;

  • The body died, but the soul and spirit were instantly in heaven with Jesus (Matt. 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me——– for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” 2 Cor. 5:8 We …..would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord.);

  • Todd’s grandpa, Pop, was given an “interim” body (remember, Jesus is the only one in heaven with a body that has been resurrected into the eternal state-everyone else’s “body” is a temporary, or interim, body) which looked like Pop did when he was 29 years old. But did Colton’s second sister go into a pre-natal ward in heaven? Did she grow through infancy into childhood? I rather think so-Jesus loved the children. So she probably got an interim body which grew in proportion to earth time, for she was the right size compared to Cassie and Colton. And she must have fellowshipped with Jesus along the way. She had learned to speak and understand English. She knew how to hug. She was able to run. She had been told about her dying in her mother’s tummy. She knew who Colton was. She knew she hadn’t been given a name by her parents. She was anxious for her mother and father to get to heaven. Presumably she will grow and mature at earth time rate until she gets to 33 years or so (Jesus’ age at death);

  • Consider the naming business. The parents didn’t decide on a girl’s name in case the baby was a girl. It was a girl, though Todd and Sonja didn’t know that. When the miscarriage occurred so early, the girl was without a name. When she got to heaven, Jesus or God did not give her a name. Even when God, Jesus’ Dad, “adopted” her, there was no name for the certificate of adoption. Perhaps she was listed as Sohja and Todd’s #2 girl. No matter, because I am certain that Jesus called her Honey, or Sweetheart, and that she felt thoroughly loved.

  • The serious parental authority and responsibility for naming their children is not without precedent. After God created Adam, He put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it. But the first specific task given to Adam after he was created was to name all the animals and birds which God had created before He created Adam (Gen. 2:19);

  • Even though Colton had mixed feelings about his second sister hugging him in heaven, a bonding had occurred that came to light one night when Todd and Sonja left their children with their babysitter, Ali. After all of the kids were put to bed, Ali heard Colton crying. He had been seized by a yearning for his second sister in heaven (see Chapter 24, Ali’s Moment, page 127, for details). Knowing nothing of all this, Ali was overwhelmed, and ended up holding Colton in her arms till he cried himself to sleep. This poignant event certainly attests to the reality of Colton’s trip to heaven.