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Poor Jesus III

by Russ Peters

Poor Jesus II ended thus: By 1960, Alva and I were in our fifth year at the Chapel in the Pines. It was the beginning of the terrible youth rebellion of the sixties and the emerging of the hippie life style. Alas! Alas! But God was not dead! He wasn’t even asleep. But we will […]

Book Review III – Heaven Is For Real

by Russ Peters

Book Review III Heaven Is For Real By Pastor Russ Peters           Colton’s supernatural experiences that we discussed in Book Review II occurred at the hospital in North Platte, Nebraska, and were narrated in the Prologue.           The first eleven chapters of the book cover the events leading up to Colton’s sickness, two surgeries at […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part XIII

by Russ Peters

Steady Growth The Chapel was running like a well oiled machine, the oil being God’s word, prayer and Alva’s unending supply of contagious love. There was one problem, though. We were getting more and more crowded as the congregation kept growing. As we approached our fifth year at the Chapel, the Trustees knew something had […]

Poor Jesus II

by Russ Peters

Poor Jesus I ended thus: It is obvious that signs, wonders and miracles are intended to confirm the gospel as it is preached throughout the world to every creature even as the sick are healed and those oppressed by the devil are delivered (to name just two of many such benefits). If God didn’t cause […]