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Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part XII

by Russ Peters

The First Year When we began our new “careers,” pastor and pastor’s wife, we were 35 and 30 years of age, respectively. Having endured a war and the birth of four children, we were a little the worse for wear. Evidence for all to see was my growing bald spot. Hidden evidence was Alva’s stretch […]

Book Review II – Heaven Is For Real

by Russ Peters

Book Review II “That’s Where The Angels Sang To Me” “Heaven Is For Real,” Prologue, page XVII Three months had gone by after Colton left the hospital, during which he had said nothing about his supernatural experiences. On the way to South Dakota on vacation they arrived at North Platte, the scene of his recent […]

2014 Chapel in the Pines Portrait sign-ups

by James Glazier

Sign up here for the 2014 Chapel in the Pines family portraits. You will see three easy steps. Step 1: Select Number in Group. Using the drop down to the left, select the number in your group (larger families may require more time). Step 2: Select Day. A calendar will now display. Select the month […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part XI

by Russ Peters

Three Years At Del Aire Guess what? Del Aire Baptist Church was needing someone to put in charge of their entire high-school program: Sunday School, youth prayer meeting and all other youth activities. So here comes the Peters family, transferring from another American Baptist Convention church, having just spent three years being mentored by the […]

Poor Jesus I

by Russ Peters

Poor Jesus sounds like an oxymoron. But it was an expression that Alva and I used frequently throughout our 58 years of ministry at the Chapel. It would be elicited by some words, actions or situations unbecoming to a Christian or group of Christians: some times in our own family; sometimes in the Chapel family; […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part X

by Russ Peters

Grand Upheaval The Spring of 1949 arrived, but it took forever for the four feet of snow to melt off so we could get out into the woods. It was just as well, for it was time to take Alva and the kids to Dad and Mom’s in prep for the baby. With Dr. Tarr’s […]