Movie/Book Review

Pastor Russ Peters

A friend told me that he and his wife were going to see Heaven Is For Real, playing at the Sonora theater, and wondered if I wanted to go with them. Normally I would decline, as I am legally blind (can’t discern detail) and very hard of hearing, which leaves me mostly wondering what is going on. But because of the subject matter, I told him I would be pleased to give it a try.

The viewing was worse than expected. My eyesight and hearing had deteriorated considerably in the ten or so years since I last went to a theater. Nevertheless, I caught enough to whet my appetite to get and read the book. With the aid of my closed circuit TV reading machine I can read very well.

I immediately ordered the book, and hoped it would arrive soon.

Heaven_Is_for_Real_(Burpo_book)_coverIt came a few days later, in the late afternoon. I was chomping at the bit to start reading it, but our Geritol Group (Tuesday evening Bible study) was that night, so I had to wait till the next day-moan!

Wednesday morning I ate and did my morning chores, then settled into my swivel chair before the reading machine with the book. Once started, I could not put it down. Before my BGDALS (Beautiful Granddaughter and landlady, Steffanie) called me to dinner, I had finished the whole book!

 I waded through the doom and gloom that prefaced the trip of a four year old boy to heaven and back, and then all heaven broke loose (in my heart). Glory! No other book I have ever read (except the Bible) has moved me like this book. I shouted praises to God, I wept uncontrollably, I thanked Jesus at the top of my voice (I live alone in an apartment), I wept some more, shouted some more until I finished the last page.

Please read the book. The library should have it. You can get it from Amazon, delivered, for about $8. I’ll give you a few weeks, and then I want to begin a series of essays on salient features (sort of a piecemeal book review). This assumes of course that I will not have gone off to check heaven out in person. Be seeing you?