Good News for Christian young men and women.

As a Christian, has the theory of evolution confused you or oppressed you? Has it:
Been foisted on you by your school books, teachers, professors? Or;
Hampered you from believing the Bible’s creation account? Or;
Caused you to doubt the reliability of the whole Bible?

If so, rejoice! It is dead (proven wrong). So who killed it? Who proved it wrong? Scientists and science, the very forces that invented it in the first place, and have been feverishly trying, in vain, to prove it for 155 years. Here is the story:
On November 24, 1859, Charles Darwin published the “Origin of the Species,” the foundation of the theory of evolution. Secular scientists seized on it with great fervor, and have been endeavoring to prove the theory of evolution ever since. Secular education became their partners. They have never been able to come even close to proving it, but have proclaimed it as a proven fact in spite of the complete lack of evidence;
In recent decades science has become the enemy of the scientists. The “simple cell,” which supposedly evolved out of some primordial goo as the first form of life, was not simple! In fact the simplest cells to be found today are incredibly complicated! As the micro-biologists turned their electron microscopes on them, these simple cells were obviously the result of intelligent design. Some honest scientists and teachers gave up on evolution, some even becoming Christians, realizing that the source of the intelligent design was God;
Most were unwilling to go in that direction, and clamped a frantic censorship on the very phrase, “Intelligent Design;”
Some scientists even suggested that aliens from outer space brought the life here.

The secular world is scared to death of the Bible, Christianity, and the idea of a Creator-God to whom they might be accountable. Their house of cards (evolution) has collapsed, and they are frantically trying to suppress the news of that fact, and to find another *license to sin.
True Christians, on the other hand, have been fortified in their faith. For too long they have been on the defensive against evolution’s attacks on them. Now it is evolution (those who believe this humungous lie) who are on the defensive! “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord, Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:57)

Caution! While evolution is dead (proven false), it is still not buried and forgotten:
It is still filed in the minds of millions of teachers, professors, scientists and the rest of secular humanity;
It is still archived in countless textbooks, scientific journals, literature, movies, and TV programs;
It has in the past 155 years been a factor in preventing millions (or probably billions) of people from accepting Christ as savior;
In the future its discredited remains will no doubt cause millions more to perish.

Is there anything that can deter this proven lie from further damaging mankind? Yes, we as Christians can:
Pray that evolution will be further discredited;
Pray that God will open the minds of those who still believe in it;
In witnessing to the unsaved show them that evolution is false, and they need to realize they will have to give account to their Creator-God for what they have done in this life.

*License to sin (perceived freedom to sin without penalty-i.e. if there is no Creator-God, there is no one to answer to because there is no absolute right and wrong.