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Book Review – Heaven is For Real

by Russ Peters

Movie/Book Review Pastor Russ Peters A friend told me that he and his wife were going to see Heaven Is For Real, playing at the Sonora theater, and wondered if I wanted to go with them. Normally I would decline, as I am legally blind (can’t discern detail) and very hard of hearing, which leaves […]

It Has Been Worth It All

by Russ Peters

The title of this essay infers that something unpleasant has been endured because the pleasant outworking of the unpleasantness is greater than the unpleasantness. Take shaving, for instance. I dislike having to shave every morning. It takes time, costs a little, and delays more enjoyable things. But it is worth it to me to eliminate […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part IX

by Russ Peters

Opportunity or Madness? It was the fall of 1946, so I was entitled to two weeks of vacation. I got a phone call from my old engineering pal, George-he and his wife drove us to our honeymoon, remember? He was still working for Plxweve, managing a sawmill they bought near Groveland, a Tuolumne County town […]

The Theory Of Evolution Is Dead!

by Russ Peters

Good News for Christian young men and women. As a Christian, has the theory of evolution confused you or oppressed you? Has it: Been foisted on you by your school books, teachers, professors? Or; Hampered you from believing the Bible’s creation account? Or; Caused you to doubt the reliability of the whole Bible? If so, […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part VIII

by Russ Peters

The Longest Stay I arrived at the Army Air Corps overseas replacement depot at Normoyl, Texas, on the outskirts of San Antonio, on the specified day. They began processing me for duty in the South Pacific. The appropriate shot series began. The issuance of tropical  uniforms would take place towards the end of my stay. […]