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Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part VII

by Russ Peters

Civilian Life Again  There was great joy in Glendale. We couldn’t believe what had happened, but were sure glad that it did. But there was no time for celebration. I immediately reported to Plxweve and began working on their backlog of engineering needs. Now, we needed a house of our own. Mom and Dad had […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part VI

by Russ Peters

Army Days February,1943, was the auspicious month of Alva’s husband becoming a private in the United States Army. After induction at Fort MacArthur in Long Beach, California, I was assigned to the Signal Corps and sent to Sacramento for  basic training. The facility was a bunch of  abandoned tar paper covered barracks that had temporarily […]

Alva Peters – Perennial junior-higher Part V

by Russ Peters

Yes or No With fear and trembling I went in to ask Dad for the hand of his daughter. Alva was waiting to hear the decision with the same  emotions. I told him about my job situation and decision to enlist in the army, and that Alva and I wanted to get married before I […]