Hola a todos! 
I am very sorry that my updates thus far have been very minimal. Apparently internet at this YWAM base is fairly difficult to come by, as well as free time! However; I’m loving it all, I am especially loving the disconnect! Since I shared will you all last, so much has happened.
Part of my training is working in a local ministry here in Tijuana. I signed up for a ministry called “Circulo Andante” or “Walking Circle.” Circulo is an after school tutoring program in a neighborhood here in Tijuana. Our main focus at Circulo is to guide the children into a relationship with God as well as motivate them to stay in school and excel academically.  We teach the kids a Bible verse and story and then give them some homework, and work through the lesson for the day. It’s so cool to see the way one hour a week with these kids can impact them so much!
This little boy is Luis. The things he loves about coming to Circulo are painting, playing, talking about God and praying!
A couple weekends I have been blessed to be invited to build houses with teams visiting our base. We run a program called Homes of Hope and have teams come to our base from all over the world for it! We host the team and have a family who we build a house for in one and a half days! That has been incredible. These families are people who live in make shift homes with boards and tarps, 4 or 5 people living in one room the size of your office, and we give them a home!
I am learning a lot in lectures. We have learned about hearing God’s voice, intercession, spiritual discipline, the father heart or God, the marks of a disciple and relationships. Last week was a tough week. God has been moving in some really awesome ways in my life and the lives of my classmates. I’m really learning to give things up to Him and to be continually in His presence! God wants to be included in everything I do, even the smallest and simplest decisions.
Also, our outreach locations have been decided and we have begun team bonding! Two and a half weeks of outreach will be spent in the village of Bulanga, Uganda where we will be living/working in an orphanage/boarding house. The following 4 weeks will be spent at the YWAM base in the town of Jinja, Uganda. While there we will be building a home, maybe 2 – God willing!