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A Sheltered Childhood

My parents married just after World War I ended in 1918, and I was born on April 25, 1920, so my childhood was neatly tucked between World War I and World War II. Thus I had no worries about either war. Though the great drought/depression of the early 1930’s came during my childhood, my Daddy […]

Is Unity a Good Thing?

But of course! Why wouldn’t it be? What a stupid question! Well, unity has a number of meanings, so we better get more specific. Since I posted the question, I guess it is up to me to pick the dictionary meaning to be used. In my dictionary it is meaning number five: complete accord among […]

Lament of a Mini-goat

Lament of a Mini-goat Maxi-Grandpa Peters It all began with a horse named Happy, Whose disposition was actually very scrappy. A thoroughbred, retired from racing, A handsome horse but always pacing. Annie thought she knew his need, And suggested they buy another steed. Her folks declined and said that such Would end up eating way […]