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Book Review VII – Heaven is for Real

Book Review VII Heaven Is For Real Pastor Russ Peters We have discussed four “focused” scenes: experiences in the hospital as presented in the prologue; Colton’s interaction with Pop; Colton’s second sister; Colton identifying Akiane’s portrait as being Jesus. Now for some “miscellaneous experiences,” in no particular order: In his experiences with Pop Colton mentioned […]

Book Review VI – Heaven is for Real

Book Review VI Heaven Is For Real Pastor Russ Peters Chapter 27, Someday We’ll See, Page 127-in this chapter we meet Akiane Kramarik, a twelve year old Lithuanian-American girl who lived in Idaho. Her story had been featured on a CNN report in December of 2006, at which time Colton was seven years old. The […]

Book Review V – Heaven is for Real

Book Review V Heaven Is For Real Pastor Russ Peters  Chapter seventeen, “Two Sisters,” beginning on page 94. Todd was at the kitchen table, preparing a sermon, and could see Colton’s mom, Sonja, sitting on the couch in the living room, working on the books of their garage door business. Todd heard Colton walking up […]