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Unwelcome Interruption

It was a hectic summer at the Chapel in the early sixties. We had been building the parsonage and it was now finished. Whew! I had drawn the plans and was charged with coordinating the construction. At that time the Chapel had three contractors in its membership, all of them putting a lot of time […]

Papa Johansen

In a previous essay, Moving, I mentioned the elderly Dutch couple who were part of the Chapel’s congregation long ago. They were known as Papa and Mama Johansen. This previous mention of them centered around Mama Johansen’s attitudes regarding cleanliness. Thinking of them, I remembered that Papa Johansen was a very interesting study also and […]


Alva and I built a house near Tuolumne and lived in it twenty two years. We moved to the apartment on the property of our grandchildren (Mike and Stephanie Torok) ten years ago, to spend our golden years under their watchful care, and what a blessing it has been! It was Alva’s last move, and […]