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The AT-6 and I

If you think that is a strange title, wait till you hear the event that it represents! This strange event is just one of the precursors of the many strange events I have experienced, even until the present. Let me set the stage. I was a civilian aeronautical engineer working in the aircraft industry during […]

Can You Blush?

According to the dictionary, blush means “to redden, especially in the face, from modesty, shame or embarrassment.” The word occurs in the Bible only in the writings of the prophet Jeremiah. Before citing them, we need to understand the circumstances in which Jeremiah was prophesying: The Northern Kingdom, Israel, had become so wicked and apostate […]

Uncle Ellis

Back in the early 1940s when I was courting my wife, Alva, who is now in heaven, I met what I thought was all of her relatives living in California. It wasn’t until well into my time as Senior Pastor at the Chapel in the Pines that I found out that her proud family had […]