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The Gospel

In the Bible the word “gospel” occurs only in the New Testament. It is translated from the Greek word euaggelion, meaning “good news,” or “glad tidings.” Although it occurs in several different contexts, this discussion is concerned with the expression “The Gospel,” as exemplified in the following two passages: Romans 1: 16, “For I am […]

The Bible’s Four-letter Word

So what is a four-letter word? The dictionary definition is, “Any of a number of short words that are considered to be offensive or vulgar.” During my 67 years as a serious Christian, 60 of which have been as a pastor, the Bible’s four-letter word has always been the same, HELL (the English word for […]

Prone to Wander II

In Prone to Wander I, we found out that, yes, the Bible and history prove that the true God’s people are prone to wander from Him, and the people of the false gods are prone to stay with them. Focusing on the Church age, in which we live, we will talk about why this is […]