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Do We Need A Name Change?

A few weeks ago at a morning service we were offered a petition to sign, advocating the division of California into two parts, the southern portion to retain the name California, the northern portion to be called Jefferson. The purpose was to give better representation to the rural areas of the existing state, which suffer […]

A Missions Gem In Africa

One day, many years ago, I was driving alone, probably to or from Modesto. On such occasions I looked for a Christian radio program to listen to and thus redeem the time. On this particular day I stumbled onto a regular program of a large, missionary-minded church. They were broadcasting their morning service of the […]

Irregular People

When Joyce Landorf came up with her teachings on Irregular People, it resonated with Alva and me right away. It put a name to one tool in God’s toolbox of which we were already well aware. God’s toolbox? Yes, God’s toolbox. Tools He uses to fix Christians. Does this confuse you? Well, let me explain. […]